(1)  One of the most influential commercials that I can think of that have been around forever, it seems, are the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelt


One of the most influential commercials that I can think of that have been around forever, it seems, are the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) commercials. For years, this non-profit organization goal is to provide care and prevent cruelty in animals around the U.S. Most of their advertising revolves around imagery to display the tremendous pain that abused animals endure and how it ends up affecting them. They also tend to use the saddest music they can possibly find, which mostly consists of soft melodies and sharp notes in the background of the video. This allows for the targeted audience to feel sympathy for the conditions the animals find themselves in. Once the sad feelings come rushing in, they plead the audience for voluntary financial help so that they are able to provide medicinal help, nourishment, and love to the animals in need.

“We haven’t forgotten about the animals” – ASPCA Commercial (Links to an external site.)

In this particular commercial, they begin the commercial by addressing a major issue: the pandemic of Covid-19. They then ease into their main aspect which includes the saving of animals who have been abused and left to die. In this specific commercial, they correlate the current issues of the world to this particular obstacle in order to draw the viewer into feeling empathy for the animals. The sad music in the background triggers those feelings of sorrow, but that still allow the individual to continue watching. After all of this has been established, the organization implores the viewer to participant in an act of selflessness by asking for financial support. They continue with this by convincing the viewer that by “ONLY $19/month” and then proceed to break down the costs by day, saying that by giving “ONLY 63 cents/day” they are able to supply animals in need with special care and attention. They end the commercial by gifting the volunteer with some shirts and pamphlets to compel them to donate again.

I still find it rather fascinating how so many of us still watch these type of commercials and are immediately triggered to help those who are less fortunate than us whether it be animals or people. These specific commercials for how repetitive they are, still seem to open our eyes to the real world.


For years businesses have used subliminal messages to persuade people to buy an item or visit a store without the message being so obvious or in your face. Sex has and continues to be one of the most used subliminal messages used to sale a product. We see this used in many advertisements from vehicle sales, makeup, hair products, music, even in our candy. For years the theory of sex sales has been said by big corporations and individuals have proven them right by buying these products. Axe spray for men has been around for a long time and have used different marketing techniques to persuade men to buy their spray. Sex is the main tactic used by this company. This company is selling the idea that with using their product men will be hotter and be able to “catch” the hot girl. In this particular advertisement they are showing that the man has an odor that would not be pleasing to the women so by using axe he is able get rid of his odor and become hotter, and the women will now want him. These advertisements also shows the typical gender roles, the women automatically wants the male because he is “hot, and smells good”.

https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=axe+advertisement&&view=detail&mid=8F7700579A8184FF67308F7700579A8184FF6730&&FORM=VDRVRV (Links to an external site.).

IN 5-6 LINES, RESPOND TO THIS TWO DISCUSSION BORAD. When responding to others it is best to add support to their claims or add evidence or logic that goes against their claims.

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