2 Page essay Apa Read everything

Read the Case Story of A Day in the Sleep Clinichttp://support.mchtraining.net/national_ccce/case5/case.html

After reading the story, click on the Activities link on the left side. Review Activity #1.

Address the following in a paper:

  1. What aspects of Dr. Williams’ behavior influence the decisions of the families he works with and possibly influence the ultimate health outcomes of their children?
  2. What roles do culture, ethnicity, race, and socioeconomic status play in families’ experiences in the health care system?
  3. What factors, other than provider-patient communication, influence disparities in health outcomes? paper must be 2 pages NO PLAGIARISM 2 REFERENCES MUST BE CITED INSIDE THE PAPER AND THE REFERENCE PAGE MUST INCLUDE THE LINKS WHERE I CAN LOCATE THE REFERENCES TO CHECK OVER THE WORK .

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