200 word discussion post – ​What do you believe is the most important aspect of the facilitator’s job?

What do you believe is the most important aspect of the facilitator’s job? Explain why you believe this.

  • Your post should be 175-250 words.
  • Review the Discussion Grading Rubric
  • You will not be able to see any posts by other students until you make your original post.
  • Support your post by citing one reference (other than the text).
  • Cite paraphrased information but do not use quotes for this assignment.
  • Submit your original post by Thursday before 12am midnight (EST).
  • Respond to at least two (2) other students’ original post by Sunday before 12am midnight (EST).
  • In addition to your replies on other students’ posts, you should also respond to any student who posts to your original post and to any of my questions.

Module 6 – Benefits of Strategic Planning

this week was about –

Up to this point, you have learned about the importance of strategic planning, the influence of the environment on the organization, and the need to develop mission, vision, goals, and measurable objectives that will drive change. You have also learned about how to begin to transition from planning to implementing the strategic plan. This next module will expand your understanding of how to successfully implement your strategic plan through the use of strategies such as group/teamwork, facilitation, data gathering, and substantive stakeholder involvement.

As you have probably noticed, the amount of work that is needed to develop and implement strategic planning is significant. You might wonder whether all of this work is really worth the effort. Well, the need for effective strategic planning has become more and more relevant over time, not only for expanding the role of an organization but also to “just keep up” in a rapidly changing global environment. Fortunately, the potential benefits of a well-developed and well-executed strategic plan outweigh the energy put into the process. The second half of this module discusses the various direct and indirect benefits that strategic planning may bring to your organization.

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