300 WK5 ASS

Week 5: Research Approaches Exercise
DUE: Jul 9, 2017 11:55 PM
Top of Form
Assignment Instructions
Assignment: Research Approaches Exercise (2-1/2 pages) In this assignment, you will choose 2 research approaches that you might consider for your own research strategy and describe how each of these approaches might work. Discuss the merits and drawbacks for each. Finally, discuss whether you intend to use one or both in your own research direction for this class. Please choose appropriate approaches for your topic, even if the length of this term may not allow you to actually operationalize the approach.
Due by Sunday night at 11:55pm EST.
Supporting Materials
· SSGS Assignment Rubric 300-400 Level.docx (21 KB)
Files: 8e3j0zo0ns.docx

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