5 to 6 page book critique


Once the student chooses a book and reads it, they should use it to analyze the environment in their internship agency in light of the author’s ideas. Students should use the ideas presented by the author and apply them to what they are observing or experiencing in the agency. This type of critical analysis should not be primarily a summary or book report. Instead, the student should use the author’s ideas to show how the book helped them to understand the work environment. The student should use direct examples of events conversations they have seen to support or refute the author’s ideas. An “A” paper must include a theme, criticisms, and discussion that integrated the readings with the internship experience. If the student does not provide any examples from their internship experience, the paper grade will be significantly reduced.

Please Note

Books used for this assignment must be scholarly (not textbooks or how-to manuals), recent (less than 10 years old) and cannot be a book used for another class unless an exception is expressly given.

All papers must include a complete citation of the work reviewed. The citation will have the name of the author(s), the name of the book, the date of the publication and the number of pages in the book. The book critique papers should be approximately five pages, typed, double-spaced.

I’ve attached a scholarly article but I would prefer you to use a book about lawyering or lawyers that you’re familiar with

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