ABC Company sells three products. Income statements for the three products for the most recent year appear below: Product A Product B Product C…

the three products the mostrecent year appear below:Product C,000Costs:87,0008,00010,00030,0002,0008,000The rent is allocated to the three products equally and the property taxes are allocatedbased on the square footage each product uses in the factory.The president of the company is considering eliminating Product A.Calculate the decrease in company profits if Product A is dropped. Do not use decimals ortype the word decrease after your answer. Additionally, do not enter your answer with aminus sign in front of the number. Glenn Company makes , motors to be used the production its power lawn mowers.The cost per motor at level activity follows:direct materials ………….. $total ……………………. $The motor has recently become available an outside supplier $ per motor. IfGlenn purchases the motor the outside supplier, the space that currently beingused to manufacture the motor can be rented out $, per year.Assume that % the fixed overhead costs will be eliminated the motor purchased the outside supplier.Calculate the selling price per unit charged the outside supplier that would make Glenneconomically indifferent between making buying the motor. Enter your answer with twoplaces after the decimal point (i.e., $). Orr Company makes sells a single product called a Bik. It takes three yards Material A to make one Bik. Budgeted production Biks the next three months follows:Budgeted Biks to be Produced, units, units, unitsThe company wants to maintain monthly ending inventories Material A equal to % the next month’s production needs. The cost of material A is $1.25 per yard. Thecompany is in the process of preparing a direct materials purchases budget.Calculate the total cost of material A budgeted to be purchased in March. Do not usedecimals in your answer. On January , , ABC Company borrowed $, the bank. The loan a -yearnote payable that requires semi-annual payments $, every June December ,beginning June , Assume the loan has a % interest rate, compounded semi-annually.Calculate the amount the note payable at December , that would be classified a long-term liability. Do use decimals your answer.

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