According to team roles theory there are specific different team roles

I am the leader of my team.

According to team roles theory there are specific different team roles. These roles can be functional, organizational, personal or even skillful. Each team should consist of different team roles, depending on the specific goals the team wants to achieve.

A team that does not have the ideal composition may run into problems. For example, a team consisting of only creative individuals will generate many ideas, but none of them will be implemented. A team consisting of only experts may lose sight of the big picture. A team will perform better if it is aware of the different roles required to reach a specific goal and is able to include those roles within the team. The last 30 years the interest in team composition has increased.

Essentially, roles are equal to ‘persona’ (masks) or specific competency profiles and have been mentioned explicitly since ancient Greek history. Not just only in working life but also the roles people play in life, family and military. The application of team roles however seems to be primarily directed at management teams.

Click the link below and take the team roles test. Share your results in the Discussion Forum and with your teams:

1. Do you agree with the results or not?

2. How can you improve on your role as a team member?

Once you complete the test and discussion post one above:

1. Copy and paste your results in a Word doc.

a. Summarize your results in a paragraph.

b. Describe your top three “roles.”

c. How accurately do they describe you?

2. Your assignment of at least 250 words.

3. Be sure to include at least one reference which is cited in APA format (both in-text and references section entry).

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