Almost all contract negotiations pivot on, and most grievances thus ultimately deal with, four major areas:

º  Describe the method you recommend. º  Explain how your recommended method would prevent wage-related grievances.Format Each short paper must be in APA (6th ed.) format, 12-point font, and double-spaced. The paper should follow this format:

•  Title page—short description of the subject of the paper •  Abstract—a concise executive summary of 50 to 100 words •  Introduction—statement of the purpose of the paper and a strong thesis that summarizes the key point or finding of your paper •  Theoretical foundation—presentation of theoretical concepts that serve as the foundation of the paper including a review of the sources used •  Discussion—description of the application of the theory and relevant implications including pros and cons, and unresolved issues •  Conclusion—summary of thesis and findings •  Reference page (2–3 sources other than the textbook)Write the paper in a Word document and submit the document to the assignment dropbox.

Wages and issues that can be directly related to wages, employee benefits, institutionalissues, and administrative clauses.Wages and job benefits are two of the most significant…

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