animal abuse why do people abuse animals

I attached my file along with the professors comments.

i need another prospectus finished. so the one i attached here needs more added to it. he also wants citations. im really confused on his comments. he stated it was 75% finished. this is what the professor said to me:

I think you are about 75% there. I think you need to clarify that you are looking at both domestic and non-domestic animals. I think you should also provide some hard data, specific numbers/stats if it exists, on the prevalence of animal abuse.

Also, I noted that you kind of took aim at the government for not doing enough. Perhaps this is something that you could ask the law enforcement personnel…is there more that the government could do?

I made a few comments on your paper. Please be very clear in your problem statement with what the problem is and support it with data/research.

The revisions on this draft should only take you a few hours. Once you have them done email it back to me.

The professor says that I deed to add more information to it. his notes are attached to my prospectus on the right side of it in word.

6 days ago

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