Assignment 5.1: Cardiovascular System Disorders: Congestive Heart Failure

Cardiovascular System Disorders: Congestive Heart Failure


  • Identify the development of heart failure
  • Describe the drugs used to treat common cardiovascular disorders

Assignment Overview

In this assignment, you will summarize the clinical manifestations of cardiovascular system disorders across the lifespan.


A completed worksheet

Step 1 Compare how CHF differs across the lifespan.

Compare and contrast the signs, symptoms, prognosis, and treatment of CHF across the lifespan.

Step 2 Identify sources.

Locate at least one peer-reviewed, evidence-based journal article to use and cite in your response.

Step 3 Download the handout.

Download the Cardiovascular System Disorders (opens a new window) worksheet.

Step 4 Complete the worksheet.

  • In the header row of the table, enter the two disorders you chose.
  • In the remaining rows of the table, enter the clinical manifestations and describe both diseases for the indicated lifespan stage.
  • Be sure to cite all sources used to complete the worksheet and provide a reference in the format requested by your instructor.

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