Assignment: Food Webs and Marine Ecosystems

Assignment: Food Webs and Marine Ecosystems

Reading requirements

{Intro to Ocean Sci.: Ch. 12 p. 287-288, 297-298 and Ch. 15 p. 410-416 }

After reading the required reading answer these question :

  1. Contrast a food chain and a food web. Describe how the biomass at the bottom compares to the biomass at the top of each. Which model is a more accurate description of real ecosystems?
  2. Describe the causes and process of wind driven upwelling.
  3. Explain why upwelling zones are generally major fishing areas.
  4. Describe the food web or trophic interactions in polar ecosystems, include the major primary producers and predators.
  5. Explain why it is beneficial for baleen whales, some of the largest animals on Earth, to feed at lower trophic levels rather than higher trophic levels.

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