At the following link to the website for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Wash DC., view the…

At the following link to the website for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Wash DC., view the closed-captioned film titled, “The Path to Nazi Genocide” (Links to an external site.)

You are also required to select any 3 Primary Documents of your choosing from the Database of Diaries and Letters at the Yad Vashem Resource Center,%20Memoirs,%20and%20Letters (Links to an external site.)

Also, study this Powerpoint I created on the topic of the Holocaust:

26. Holocaust.ppt

Answer the following study questions in a 600-word-minimum essay, quoting the 3  literary primary sources of your choice, YOuired to have 6 parenthetically quoted/described passages in the body of your essay. Make sure you provide parenthetical citations of your sources after all quoted materials. Do not answer in bullet points or in a numbered list. I want this composed as an essay.

At the end of your essay, you must post a study question of your own for your fellow students to consider and answer in their response posts.

1. Give FULL identification of the film, your textbook, and the primary documents: When were they written and/or produced? by whom? where? why? their historical setting? who were the intended audiences? Refer to the powerpoint on properly vetting your sources.

2. Using your sources above, and as well as my Powerpoint Lecture, describe Hitler’s racial agenda and what steps he took to achieve those goals.

3.  How did Hitler come to power? Why were the German people so supportive of the Nazi party?

4. Do you believe Holocaust Education is sufficiently addressed in higher education classes? Why or why not? Do you believe it should be? How has our brief study of the Holocaust influenced you?

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