BA3103 Temple University Barnes and Noble Critical Analysis Exercise

Lastly, the paper on Barnes and Noble is due next Friday, 9/20. You will need to have the following sections in your 3 page paper (I stop reading after three pages):

Background- about 1/2 of a page

Problem Statement- one sentence.

Alternate Solutions- three possible solutions to your specific problem. They need to be about three sentences long.

Recommendation- discuss what direction you would choose to solve the problem and why. This should be a robust part of your paper.

Measures of Success- discuss three ways you will measure if your recommendation is successful. If you choose for instance that same store sales is a good measure, tell me why you believe that to be so. Pay attention to this section, this is where most people lose their points.

What I Learned- quick sentence of personal growth from this case.

Bibliography- three sources including the case. Wikipedia does not count. I do not care what format you use, just be consistent with your citing. This should be on the fourth page of the paper.

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