basic HTML page code

First a movies page with 3 list of best movies in a table(year, date of release , why this is the best movie) included in the table.
Then My hobbies page with three hobbies .. we have to link the my movies page in my hobbies and external link provided.
I would like to get code for both two on a txt file and instruction to link page.
the my hobbies page should be as follow
an external style sheet to apply the following styles:
the color red to all h1 headings
the color blue to all h2 headings
the color green and the font Arial to all paragraphs
the font Cursive to all ordered lists
the font size 28px to all bulleted lists
a solid border around all tables
a solid border and a background color of purple to all cells within a table
Create classes to style specific tags as follows:
Change the background color of one of the cells in the table to orange
Change the text color of one of the items in the unordered (bulleted) list to orange
Change the font of one of the items in the ordered (numbered) list to Arial
Do not include any embedded or inline tags in your code. All styles should be applied using an external style sheet and classes. The completed external style sheet (css) should contain 7 tags and 3 classes.
Save the style sheet as styles.css.
Link the external style sheet to both the movies page and the hobbies page and apply the classes to the appropriate tags in each page.

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