Be thorough in your explanation to the general manager. EmailTemplate.

Be thorough in your explanation to the general manager. Use the attached MS Word file as a template for your email. EmailTemplate.docx  Be sure to submit your assignment in MS Word format (doc or docx).

B.  According to your textbook authors Bovee and Thill, employers often state that recent college graduates lack poor communication skills.

Please read the following New York Times article. Then answer the questions provided below using complete sentences.

What It Takes to Make New College Graduates Employable – The New York Times.pdf

What specific skills do employers state that young college graduates are lacking? What is the dilemma presented? Do you agree or disagree with the employers? Do you believe there is a difference between how communication skills are applied in a college context versus the workplace context? Why are communication skills so important to a company and to your own career success?   Please respond using specific information presented in the article.

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