BEHS – WKFR – Dis Stu – Proposal – Applied Project

Proposal for the Applied Final Project:

1) The project proposal will indicate the Title for the selected topic of the final project;

2) a brief Abstract describing what the Applied Final Project paper is going to be about;

3) at least 4 or 5 Subtitles to organize and elaborate the paper’s content;

4) a brief explanation about the proposed project’s Conclusion and closing message; and

5) a list of 6 to 8 proposed References that will be in-text cited to write the project’s narrative. All in-text citations should be added, as a reference, to the list of References, in APA style. References should include documents from the learning resources and other related academic resources that you may find in your search. Information from Newsletters, Blogs and Twitters are NOT academic sources.

Applied Final Project

For this assignment, write a paper that involves either extensive interviews with a person with a disability or an application of the principles of this course to at least two current events involving disability and/or people with disabilities. In this paper, you will integrate information from readings and what they learn from the interviews or additional readings. The paper will synthesize academic material with the experiences of a person(s) with a disability. A brief proposal for final project that provides the subject to be discussed, or the person to be interviewed or the books to be utilized and including some the references that will be cited in-text.

Format Requirements for Applied Final Project:

  • Font = 12 point; Arial or Times New Roman. Line spacing 2.0. If you do not adhere to this format, points will be deducted.
  • The paper will be 8 – 10 pages in length not including the abstract or references.
  • Please use in-text citations in American Psychological Association (APA) style, as shown in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
  • List all documents used in a bibliography at the end of your paper, and follow bibliographic formatting as shown in the APA style guide mentioned above.
  • Be sure to use appropriate language; do NOT use colloquial language; this is an official written assignment.
  • Grammar and spelling are important to this assignment.

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