Biomes Lab Slide Presentation, biology homework help

In this lab, you will be creating a poster or slide show presentation. 

1. Enter the lab, The World’s Biomes, University of California, Berkeley Museum of Paleontology. Read about the general topic of biomes and then click a link and learn more about a particular terrestrial biome (such as desert, grassland, etc.) to begin your research for this project. 

2. Visit a number of websites (a few starters are listed below) that deal with the topic of biomes.  Gather (and cite!) information and images to prepare a poster or slide show presentation. 

3. Required elements include: the geographic location of an example of this biome (country), details about the creatures that live in the biome you have chosen (both plants and animals), and the environmental conditions that constrain distribution of your biome (for example, hot, dry deserts are limited in their distribution by…)

Example sites: What’s it like where you live? This Missouri Botanical garden site provides links to more information on specific biomes and their plants. World Biomes, another site that organizes a wealth of data on biomes. Biomes. 

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