British Columbia Institute Importance of Innovation to Business Question

Why is innovation important? What would you recommend to encourage more innovation in your organization?

these are some example of assidnment which has already done .and i need it to be typed in general english . and i even need to write my point of view for this as a reply

Technology advancement, research&development, discoveries, etc.., these all are end reasons for the smart way to live the livelihood. To work out all these reasons to make possible, there should be an Innovation in prior. Based on Creativity, technology cycle, the dominant design will help you to to generate an innovation (Eg: Tesla motors). A change(Innovation) will reduce the human effort, time consumption, waste reduction at the end of social lifestyle. That’s why innovation is significant to the current world; in fact, this present advanced world was the result of innovations.

Coming to the organization, by taking success reference with the opposite competitors will drive towards innovative thinking. Encouraging new ideas, creative thinking, and discouraging organizational politics will leads to an innovative phase.

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