Brock International Trade Between China and Canada Articles Questions

1. Read the following two articles about Canada’s trade with China.

  • Vomiero, Jessica. “Is Canada ready for free trade with China? Some experts say
  • it’s a ‘non-starter’ right now.” Global News, March 30, 2019: https://globalnews.

    ca/news/5113811/canada-china-free-trade-non-starter/ [accessed Septem-

    ber 28, 2019].

  • Lou, Ethan. “What a trade war with China would do to Canada.” Maclean’s, June
  • 28, 2019.…

    [accessed September 28, 2019].

    Is trade with China free, and does it operate according to the theory of comparative

    advantage? How should Canada approach trade negotiations with China? Write a

    response of 500 words or less.

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