Budget Presentation

For this week’s assignment, you will be using the information from your week 2 memo. In week 2, you were asked to explain to your employees what information you needed to complete a budget. Now you will need to utilize this information to report to your executives. Please prepare a budget presentation to give to the executives of the company. Refer to chapters 1 and 2 in Budgeting Basics and Beyond. You are free to skim through the rest of the book as well.

Please be aware, I am not asking you to prepare a detailed budget. I would like a PowerPoint presentation describing what you need money for and why. Keep in mind that your executives are concerned with the big picture for the company, not the minute details of everyday expenses. While this is a fictitious report, you need to provide valid justifications for your requests. This type of presentation is often used to project the future success of the company and could be presented to investors and stockholders as well.

Make sure to include a reference page using APA format!

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