Business Performance in Healthcare

Analyze operational decisions of healthcare organizations and the impact on business performance outcomes.


New changes in healthcare are causing rising concerns with how healthcare organizations may be performing. With that being stated, you will focus on the following areas as to explain and evaluate operational performance and market trends in this 21st-century healthcare dynamics.

Create a 2-4 page detailed research paper that provides at least 1-3 or more examples or explanations that will address the following healthcare issues:

  1. Examine the importance of business ethics vs. social responsibility.
      Ex. Developing codes of conduct that is adverse to corporate social responsibility.
  1. Compare and Contrast the use of data analytics in a data-driven society without the use of a proper IT software program to collect business intelligence.
      Ex. Some providers are not using current and more applicable software programs to analyze their data; instead, they are relying on memory and checking hard copies folders to analyze patient outcomes.
  1. Explain the gap in making decisions and the validity of healthcare trends on performance without the correct data.
      Ex. Lack of using EMR or EHR may cause gaps in decision-making and accuracy of collecting appropriate data, which may subsequently impact performances and trends.
      APA format

Please hit the following from the rubric, ALL these must be addressed:

Explained at least 3 importance business ethics vs. social responsibility occurrences. Provided at least 3 examples of business ethics vs social responsibility in a healthcare organization.

Compared and contrasted at least 3 uses of data analytics, without a proper IT program to collect business intelligence. Provided at least 3 examples of data analytics use or business intelligence in a healthcare organization.

Explain at least 3 gaps in making healthcare decision and its impact on performance. List at least 3 example of how a healthcare organization performance is impacted.

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