Can you please answer this relating to australian tax figures and show workings Thanks CGT Proceeds from sale of rental property on Gold Coast

Golden Mining NL only paid one dividend which Alberto Received before selling his shares of $200 cash with a franking credit of $$86.Details Relating to Assets Sold:

•        The rental property was originally purchased for $276,800 during 2006 /07.

•        The purchase price included eligible capital works from which Alberto has claimed a deduction of $19,400 during the period held.

•        The Golden Mining shares were purchased for $2,770 during 2007 /08.

•        The Blackpitt shares were purchased for $4,075 during 2011 /12.

•        The holiday house was originally purchased for $428,000 in 2012 /13. Alberto has incurred a further $20,000 in building extensions and $6,800 in rates and insurance during the period held. The property has only ever been used by Alberto for weekends away from Sydney.

•        The artwork was originally purchased in 2014 /15 for $5,000.

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