Case 2 Trader Joes

Section One – Background Briefly state the salient facts of the case in narrative form – include history and pertinent background information. Be concise and precise. Approximately 2 pages 10 pointsSection Two – Problem Statement Briefly state the central problem in narrative form, and then list the symptoms of the problem. Approximately 1 page 10 points Section Three – SWOT Analysis Bullet and list in rank order – the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relating to the case. Label the bullets using the information in the text and related Power Points. Four lists 20 points Section Four – Financial Analysis (aka the numbers!) Generate a minimum of 3 financial ratios and formulas. Clearly and accurately VISUALLY present your findings. Include explanations of your results as well as your rationale for choice in terms of formulas. Number of charts, graphs will vary. 10 points Section Five – Alternative Solutions List a minimum of 5 alternative solutions and at least 3 benefits or consequences (pros/cons) for each potential solution. Note – “do nothing” is NOT a solution! Five lists 20 points Section Six – Conclusion and Recommendations Part A. Stock Analysis Intro – For this investment: Briefly describe the company, type of fund, etc. Body – Create a graph illustrating the investment’s activity for the given time period. Conclusion – Indicate your profit/loss for this investment. Provide a brief overview of your findings – as a team, what did you learn? Discuss any world events that could account for your profit/loss. Part B. Design an action plan to solve the original problem within the case. Consider the ideas from section five and justify your suggestions. (Risks/Rewards) You MUST include original research to update the case. Whatever it takes – this should be the longest portion of your analysis. 30 point

5 pages

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