Cash Debit 132348 Taxes Recievable Debit 47220 Allowance for uncollectible taxes Credit 500 Supplies Debit 660 Budgetary fund balance reserve for

Cash Debit 132348Taxes Recievable Debit 47220Allowance for uncollectible taxes Credit 500 Supplies Debit 660Budgetary fund balance reserve for encumbrances Credit 4800deferred Property taxes credit 22000Wages Payable credit 970Fund Balance Credit 151958Totals 180228 180228during 2012 Jefferson experiaenced the following transactions:1. The budget was passed by the county commission, providing estimated revenues of 250000 and appropriations of 180000 and estimated other financing uses of 40000. classify expenditures in the general fund as either general government or capital outlay. make entries directly to these and the individual revenue accounts; do not use subsidiary ledgers. 2. The encumbrances outstanding at Dec 31 2011 were reestablished.3. The deferred revenue at Dec 31 2011 is recognized as revenue in the current period.4. Property Taxes in the amount of 260000 were levied by the county. It was estimated 0.5% will be uncollectible. 5. Property tax collections totaled 247000. Accounts totaling 950 were written off as uncollectible. 6. Encumbrances were issued for supplies in the amount of 360007. supplies in the amount of 39800 were received. Jefferson county records supplies as an asset when aquired . The related encumbrances for these items totaled 40000 and included the 4800 encumbered last year. The county paid 35650 on accounts payable during the year. 8. the county contracted to have alarm systems (capital assets) installed in the administration building at a cost of 46600. The systems were installed and the amount was paid. 9. Paid wages totaling 131970 including the amount payable at the end of 2011.(there were for general government operations.)10. Paid other general government operating items of 7600.11. The general fund transferred 38500 to the debt service fund in anticipation of bond interest and principle payments. 12. Wages earned but unpaid at the end of the year amounted to 220013. supplies of 250 were on hand at the end of the year (Supplies are used for general government operations. 14. A review of property taxes received indicates that 17500 of the outstanding balances would likely be collected more than 60 days after year-end and should be deferred.

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