CMIT 380 Windows 10 Upgrade Project

300-600 words, 2 IEEE style referencesDelete the instructional text from the template before you submit.Client Specifications for Tetra Shillings AccountingWhen developing your plan, keep in mind the following information about the client:All desktops and laptops are currently running Windows 8.1 Enterprise.About half of the laptops are less than a year old and will be retained for the upgrade.All other laptops will be replaced with new hardware in time for the upgrade.All desktop systems will be replaced with new laptops.Your windows upgrade plan for Tetra Shillings Accounting should be  based on Microsoft solutions and best practices and include the  following points:The advantages of upgrading to Windows 10, including at least three Windows 10 features that will provide the most benefit.Recommendations for a version of Windows 10 for the upgrade and the install method(s) to be used.At least two automated deployment options.Plans to minimize disruptions to business operations.A strategy that will keep operating systems updated.Two IEEE references.

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