Community Engagement, health and medicine homework help

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Analyzes course concepts, theories, or materials correctly, using examples or supporting evidence.

Applies relevant professional, personal, or other real-world experiences to extend the dialogue.

Validates position with applicable knowledge.

Community Engagement

Lasker and Weiss make the point that “at a practical level, many of the problems that affect the health and well-being of people in communities . . . cannot be solved by any person, organization, or sector working alone” (2007). This unit’s readings include references to the kinds of processes that generate community engagement.

Discuss the processes for effective community engagement:

  • What kinds of processes do you think are likely to be effective in communities you know? Explain your thinking.
  • How might you apply these processes to the health issue your action plan is targeting?
  • In relation to these processes, think ahead about the action plan you will be completing later in the course. Who should be involved, how will you involve participants, and how will you promote broad and active participation?

Lasker, R. D., & Weiss, E. S. (2003). Broadening participation in community problem solving: A multidisciplinary model to support collaborative practice and research. Journal of Urban Health, 80(1), 14–47.

The communities that I will be using are the Edgecombe and Nash Counties communities locate in the eastern part of North Carolina. This is a discussion assignment and the answer has to be a minimum of 250 words scholarly references with a minimum of two references.

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