Confidentiality Issues

****Total of 1500-1700 words****You have learned that managing a center for addictions and recovery is a daunting task. You are opening the doors to the center today. You are an admissions counselor. It is your job to evaluate the needs of the incoming clients and send them to the appropriate starting place in your facility.For example, an adult male (55 years old) is brought to the center by his 30-year-old daughter. He appears inebriated and reports that he is seeing little men around him. His hands are unsteady and he is slurring some of his words.What are the steps you might take with this client?Where would you send him first to ensure continuity of care?How would you handle calls from the daughter wanting to know what is going on with her dad?Are there any confidentiality issues that need to be addressed?Make sure your response includes the following:Title pageAbstractIntroduction (300–400 words)Content (1,200–1,300 words)ConclusionReferences, including 2 scholarly sources dated within the last 2 years

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