Biometrics is a security measure employed to uniquely identify individuals based on their biological or physiological characteristics. Biometrics is used as an additional means to provide authentication or can be used as the primary means of authentication.  Some of the common recognition traits used in biometrics include fingerprints and people’s eye. The use of personal traits by biometric identification system can pose privacy concerns.

Explain in your own words how biometric identification is achieved. What are some of the characteristics of biometric identification? What are some of the advantages for using biometric identification? What are some of the privacy concerns in employing biometric identification techniques?

Your response should be at least one page. Your paper should include a title page, be 12 – font and double spaced. The title page will not be considered as part as the page count for this assignment. Be sure to use APA style citation if you are citing any sources to support your claims.

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