Debate *Read Carefully*

Assessment InstructionsPreparationSelect a debate topic from theDebate Topics [PDF]document.You may choose to watch this video on building arguments:Reading Pioneers Academy. (2015, December 13).Debate skill: Argument building[Video]. YouTube. theDebate Preparation and Summary Worksheet [DOCX]that you will use complete for the assessment.Research your topic to gather the sources you’ll need to complete the worksheet.InstructionsChoose a position and then prepare to support it, using the Debate Preparation and Summary Worksheet, as if you were going to participate in a debate.In the worksheet, present your position and arguments for the debate topic, counterarguments to your position and arguments, and rebuttals to those counterarguments. The worksheet will finish with a conclusion on the strength of your position. Before submitting the worksheet, be sure to review the assessment scoring guide to ensure that you meet all criteria, including the following:Your position.At least three well-developed arguments.Evidence to support your arguments (that is, data and research), including how the evidence supports the arguments.Counterarguments to your points.Rebuttals to the counterarguments that oppose your arguments.Evidence to support your rebuttals (data and research), including how the evidence supports the rebuttals.A conclusion that asserts why your position is strong.In-text citations and references for all sources of information.Submission RequirementsSubmit the completed worksheet as your deliverable for the assessment.

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