Deliverable 6 – 5500 Conflict Management and Negotiation Strategies

CompetencyCritique self-assessment leadership, communication, conflict management, and team-building theories and practices within the healthcare field.ScenarioDue to recent financial strains, the Board of Directors at Wynn Regional Medical Center wants to implement a negotiation policy for hospital suppliers. As the Vice President for Human Resources at WRMC, you have been tasked with creating the negotiation process that the Purchasing Department will use when dealing with medical suppliers.InstructionsCreate a PowerPoint presentation for the Board of Directors with the proposed negotiation policy. The proposal should address the following and provide support and examples for each:Which negotiation model will you use for the policy?What are the phases of negotiation?Why did you choose this model?What are common mistakes made in negotiation?List three to four mistakesHow will you avoid these mistakes?Explain how cultural diversity influence negotiations.What are steps that HR professionals can take to avoid diversity and cultural related conflicts during negotiations?The presentation should contain speaker notes for each slide or voiceover narration to discuss the above information.ResourcesThislinkhas information for creating a PowerPoint presentation.Here is alinkto information about adding speaker notes.Here is alinkto information about creating a voiceover narration using Screencast-O-Matic.Grading Rubric1. Clear and thorough justification for the selected negotiation model. Includes multiple examples for each of the sub-bullet questions.2. Clear and thorough description of common negotiation mistakes. Provides multiple supporting examples for each sub-bullet prompt.3. Clear and thorough explanation of cultural diversity’s influence on negotiations. Provides multiple supporting rationales for each sub-bullet question.4. Clear and thorough speaker notes for each slide or voiceover narration that enhance the presentation content with multiple supporting examples.

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