Describe text mining and differentiate among text analytics, text mining, and data mining


“Welcome aboard and congratulations, enjoy your first day at PenPower! We are looking forward to hearing your ideas by early next week on how to maintain our top spot in the marketplace.” Those were your final instructions from your new manager as you were shown to your desk. PenPower Technology Limited hired you to ensure the continued growth and success of a widely popular and profitable iPhone App called WorldCard Mobile. This App is a staple of the business world allowing users to snap a picture of a business card, and automatically create a business contact. You are excited to begin working towards the goal – to ensure WordCard Mobile is the highest rated business App in the market. As the product manager, you are responsible for directing the App development efforts. To do this effectively, you need to understand your customers, learn how they use the App, and more importantly, to understand and prioritize features that need to be added. You also need to know what bugs need to be addressed.


Customer Reviews and Sentiment

To get started, visit the Apple iTunes App Store and search for the WorldCard Mobile App. Spend 15-20 minutes reading customer reviews of your product, making sure to keep track your customer’s feelings, requirements, enchantment requests.

Answer the following questions (350 – 500 words)

Based upon your experience reviewing the online customer reviews of your App, answer the following questions :
1. Overall, how would you describe the customer’s feelings around the App?
2. Are there specific features or attributes of the App that are excellent?
3. What are the most critical flaws the customers identified?

4. How confident are you in the accuracy of your review?

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