Details of the project visited (Design aspect), engineering homework help

i want to paraphrase to insert in a plagiarism system and it should be below 13% .

note : check the guideline checker step by step if there is any correction and make a list of content .

The report should include the following with appropriate introduction and conclusion:

  • Introduction
  • Details of the project visited (Design aspect)
  • Details of the project visited (Operation aspect)
  • Environmental significance of the project
  • Conclusion (What Did you learn from the study)
  • Brief history and geographical information of the disposal site/treatment plant
  • Engineering design and details specification
  • Skeletal flow diagram of the facility
  • Existing problems
  • Sources and composition of waste
  • Waste Collection systems
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Leachate and gas generation and control
  • Existing problems
  • Improving measures
  • Technical
  • Operational

Also some of the technical data on the disposal site and the information collected from the site should be included for any future reference.

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