Discussion: Temperature and Heat

Instructor’s choice:

1. What is better to warm up in a cold night a kg of hot water at 500C or a kg of gold at the same temperature? Why?

2. What is happening with the parameters (pressure, volume, and temperature) of an air bubble released by a frog at the bottom of a lake? Explain why.

Or you may decide which topics to discuss, as long as they are germane to the topics covered in this module.

Consider the following as good topics for discussion:

  • How does this module’s content relate to your professional career? Personal life?
  • How does this module’s content relate to current events?
  • What were your “Aha!” moments as you worked through the material?
  • Did you explore a topic only covered briefly or lightly in the course materials? What did you discover?
  • What concepts (learning objectives) did you struggle with? What resources helped you overcome this hurdle?

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