Do varlous occu patlonal groups diiier In their diets

I have most of the problem done, but due to the nature of the assignment, I only have 2 attempts before my answers are looked in. I don’t know how to calculate the t of df for (b) and (c). Also, I do not know how to find a confidence interval from the data without a mean, sd, and n. How can I find the confidence intervals for a data set like this?
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Do varlous occu patlonal groups diiier In their diets? A British smdy oi this question compared 35 drivers and 65 conductors or London dou ble—decxer buses. Theconductors’ jobs require more physical actMty. The article reporting the study gives the data as "Mean daily consumption :i: (sew Some of the study results appearbelow. Drivers Conductors1hta| calories 2825 :I: 14 2345 t 22Alcohol (grams) I125 1 13.1 0.39- : 0.12 [a] Give J? and s for each of the four sets of measurements. [Give answers accurate to 3 decimal places.) Drivers Tomi Calories: E = .rs = m «Drivers Alcohol: .1? = .f s = IE « Conductors Total Calories: .17 = E .fs = IE « Conductors Alcohol: i = .0 s = IE « [b] Is there significant evidence at the 5% level that conductors consume more calories per clay than do drivers? Use the conservative two-sample 1‘ mediodto find the t—statlstlc, and the degrees of freedom. (Round your answer for 1‘ to diree decimal places.) I= —.r29 xor: his x Conclusion-‘ Reject HID . 0 Do not reject H0. II [c] How slg niflcant ls die observed difference In mean alcohol consumption? Use the conservadve two-sample I method to obtain the t—sta’dsdc. {Round youranswer to three decimal places.) 1‘ = |:| Conclusion -‘ REjECI Ha . .- Do not reject H0. [d] Give a 95% confidence Interval for die mean daily alcohol consumption of London double-decker bus conductors. [Round your answers to three decimalplaces.) [:r|:|1I [3) Give a 99% confidence interval for the difference In mean daily alcohol consumption for drivers and conductors. (conductors mInus drivers. Round your answers to three decimal places.)r _ i

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