Environmental Ethics and Solutions to Environmental Issues

One of the MANDATORY assignments for this class is an Environmental Eco Solution Plan. This is a TWO page minimum, SIX page maximum, double spaced plan written individually by you. Word of advice- I have seen VERY FEW TWO page plans that scored the maximum amount of points for this assignment. The paper should address how you view nature and ecological integrity. Do you value nature or take it for granted?

The purpose of the Eco-Solution Plan is to have you to look at yourself, evaluate how you use resources, how your use of resources affects others and most importantly, how we can make a difference by implementing solutions in our daily lives.

I don’t want to know about countries, cultures, humans, society or people in general. I want to know about YOU and how YOU use resources and what YOUR solutions to environmental problems will be.

Your plan should answer the following questions IN DETAIL (make sure to answer ALL aspects of the questions I’ve asked.:

1) What is YOUR view of Nature? Do you put value on it? How do you value it? In what ways?

2) How do YOU use resources? Make a list of the resources you use each and every day. Are they renewable or non renewable? Tell me why it is important to be able to determine and understand this.

3) Based on YOUR use of resources, is your carbon footprint positive to the environment, negative or neutral? Make sure to state why.

4) How does your PERSONAL use of resources affect other living things and others around the world? Give some examples.

5) Thus far in class, we’ve looked at the resources we use and how our use of resources have negative impacts on the environment. What possible solutions or alternatives can YOU think of that would be more positive to the environment? How SPECIFICALLY will they help?

6) How do YOU believe we can make others more aware of their impact on the environment? If you had to come up with an awareness plan, what SPECIFIC major ENVIRONMENTAL points would it cover AND WHAT VEHICLES WOULD YOU USE TO MAKE PEOPLE MORE AWARE? Be specific.

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