Ergonomics Report



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Ergonomics Report

Bob Sanders (your supervisor) has another job for you to complete for BSCI. This time, you have been asked to examine the ergonomic details at Acme Manufacturing Co. Specifically, Acme Manufacturing Co. has asked you to conduct an ergonomic evaluation of the packing line. Given the following worksheet (see the link below to download the worksheet), calculate the (1) RWL and (2) the Lifting Index. Using the data and results, provide your written recommendations for corrective action against strenuous lifting tasks performed by employees to reduce risks and to prevent injuries.

Click here to download a copy of the job analysis worksheet included with data.

Respond to the details in each section, and format your report in APA style. Include at least each of the following in your report for this unit:

Introduction—briefly describe why the studies were performed (why you started the study).
Report details—briefly discuss the details of the scenario (what you found from the study).
Conclusions and recommendations—briefly describe your recommendations based on your findings (what you recommend to resolve any deficiencies).
Appendix—Measurements and calculations (show your work).
At least one page (double-spaced) in length (not including the reference page and appendices).
Prepare your report in a word-processing application (i.e., Word) using APA formatting for all references and in-text citations.

*** Please also pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the files I uploaded, especially the APA format file and professor feedback and remarks. Apparently he is a stickler about that. He did not feel the last paper was in APA format according to his remarks. Also please make sure the appendix is at the end and that the Job Analysis Worksheet is filled out and attached as it is apart of this report.***

Thank you very much in advance!

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