Ethical Decisions (200-300 words)

This week, you read several articles that address a population much different than a lot of people in our field are used to dealing with. While adults warrant different considerations, we should always be interacting with children as future adults. Consider the following scenarios and indicate how you would respond to each. You will want to include any references or Ethics Codes used in your assessment.A 16-year old in a group home you work for hates peas. However, the rotating menu has them being served once per week. According to the dietician at the group home, he must eat them to qualify for dessert or treats due to strict nutritional guidelines.  The Group Home Manager supports this decision, indicating “We all have to learn to do things we do not like to do”.A 40-year old man with intellectual disabilities  with was recently ordered by a physician to quit drinking. His support coordinator has advised all staff working with him to not allow him to purchase alcohol. On a social skills outing with the individual, he asks to stop for a 6-pack to bring home.A 29-year old with intellectual disabilities woman in supported living was recently reported missing when her caseworker visited at 9 PM for a wellness check. Around 6 AM, she returned home and explained that she was out hoping to have sex with a neighborhood man. Her caseworker recommends that the woman be placed in a more structured environment, such as a group home, to protect her from sexual assault or other sexually related consequences.

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