ethics week 5 response 2

i need to respond to this in 300-400 words in APA format

For me, making decisions is a very difficult process that causes me untold stress. Too often I struggle with the possible outcome or the consequences and how they might affect those around me even before a decision is made. “Regret and second-guessing are a total waste of energy. I need to admit, and then make corrections.” (Fisher/Martini p99) I feel that once I have this attitude then my fears will be diminished.

Any good leader will always take the time to train his or her subordinates with the proper decision-making skills in order for them to be able to step up whenever needed. If they are equipped with the proper decision-making skills, then they would be able to make a good decision without any hesitations. A good leader must never surround themselves with yes-men. Yes-men will never allow you to become the leader you might desire to be. Our reading on decisiveness stress that there might be a time we will have to make a decision alone. Whenever a decision need to be made there will be times we will have only our principles in which to stand upon.

Our reading described several instances whereby some of our country’s leaders had to make decisions that very unwelcomed as well as unpopular. However, these leaders stood on their principles and made the hard decisions and because of their strength and courage it has made us the better for it. “In the end, history will vindicate courageous leaders who make selfless decisions according to their principles. (Fisher/Martini p106)

Fisher, R. S., & Martini, P. J. (2004). Inspiring Leadership: Character and Ethics Matter. Academic Leadership.

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