Ewing was employed by Presto-X-Co., a pest exterminator.

Ewing was employed by Presto-X-Co., a pest exterminator. His contract of employment specified that he would not solicit or attempt to solicit customers of Presto-X for two years after the termination of his employment. After working several years was terminated. Ewing then sent a letter to customers of Presto-X stating that he no longer worked for Presto-x and that he was still certified by the state. Ewing set forth his home address and phone number, which the customers not previously have. The letter ended with the statement, ” I thank you for your business throughout the past years”. Presto-X brought an action to enjoin Ewing from sending such letters. He raised the defense that he was prohibited only from soliciting and there was nothing in the letters that constituted a seeking of customers. Decide. What ethical values are involved?

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