Explore TWO of the following magazines:

Explore TWO of the following magazines:
Allure, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Ebony, Elle, Esquire, Essence, Glamour, GQ, InStyle, Latina, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, StyleWatch, Teen Vogue, Vanidades, Vogue, or another similar fashion/beauty-related magazine (note – you may use actual hard copies of the magazines and can find them in grocery stores, libraries, and bookstores; or, you may google these magazines and explore their websites).
Then, respond to the following:
1.  Briefly state which two magazines you explored, and the main target audiences of each.
2.  In examining images, advertisements, and articles in each magazine, discuss what – if any – racial or ethnic stereotypes were present. Were there examples of cultural racism in the magazines? What would you estimate to be the racial and ethnic makeup shown – that is, what percentage of people appear to be White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, and so on?  Finally, do you feel that magazines should be more integrated, or is there a use in magazines remaining segregated – that is, having separate magazines for different ethnic and racial groups?

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