Forensis analytics

Databases have become the foundation for fraud fighting. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using databases as a fraud prevention tactic. What are some of the possible uses for databases in forensic analytics? What are some advantages and disadvantages associated with processing data using a spreadsheet application (such as Excel) versus a database application (such as Access)?

Formulate your answers based on the material in this week’s module. View the video below to further inform your responses.

Video Summary from the website listed below: The dynamic evolution of financial fraud creates new opportunities for defensive strategies that employ big data and analytics. During the RSA® Conference 2013, the Information Security Media Group video interviewed Terry Austin of Guardian Analytics, who discussed new threats and solutions. Sophisticated banking Trojans and emerging mobile threats have changed the fraud landscape over the past year. These developments are also creating a new role for solutions providers.

If you have trouble viewing the video through the site above, additional sources for this video are provided below:

Use citations to support your statements no .com sources, no sources older than 7 years. Minimum 250 words for the answer.

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