GCH535 George Washington University Week 11: Environmental and Occupational Health Issues Essay

a brief description of common environmental hazards, which often require public health interventions. Then discuss why environmental health is essential to prevent diseases in the wake of disasters. Briefly outline and describe some of the risks and potential hazardous exposures associated with public health disaster response and recovery operations.

Initial discussion postings must contain about 400–650 words (not including references) and at least 2 references. Discussion postings should follow APA guidelines, and must be supported with specific citations from scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources, and/or the module’s readings and resources as appropriate. To maintain a professional appearance and ensure questions are fully answered, postings should be organized with headings. Headings can be sections of the initial question paraphrased, or the actual question itself. Initial discussion posts are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET), on Day 3, Wednesday, of the course week.

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