genetic determinism

thiss paper should be an in depth review (2400-2800 words) of your chosen topic, which discusses both the biology and/or technology involved and addresses ethical, legal, and social implications from multiple points-of-view. In otherwords, you will not be choosing a “side” as in the first writing assignment. Instead, present arguments from many different perspectives, even if you may not personally agree with them. The reader should not clearly know your personal opinion of the subject, but should be provided with a thorough background of the subject and controversies involved. A bibliography must be included

The bibliography does not count towards the total number of pages.

You should include at least four sources from outside of the assigned course readings in the text. You may also use assigned readings, but part of this assignment is to locate, evaluate, and use sources.You should avoid the overuse of “quotes”. You also need to include the source of any material you quote in the bibliography.Use the name-year system of the CSE style for your bibliograph

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