Geography powerpoint presentation

Create a 15 slide (to approximate a 15 minute spoken presentation) PowerPoint presentation explaining and discussing the how THREE of the following FIVE geographic concepts are applied to your location.  Select a location at the municipal or county level. Do not use countries, states or regions.

a. Distance Decay

b. Cultural diffusion

c. Cultural landscape

d. Connectivity

e. Climate

One source must be an “official” government data source

One source must be from National Geographic

Two sources are of your choosing (no wiki)

Be sure to address these SPECIFIC geographic terms and concepts as they are applied in “geography” and use the terms in your presentation.  Be sure to use graphics on most slides – at least 8 slides, minimum.  You must cite all sources including graphics correctly, you must be accurate in your application of terms, and your must stick to the assigned topic. 

Slide 1 – Introductory Slide

Slides Two through Fourteen – Please use three of the five terms ONLY

Final Slides – References

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