Hi, may I know what was the suggested price for the document that I uploaded now?

Hi, may I know what was the suggested price for the document that I uploaded now?

Assessment task title: International Business Strategy, Values and Vision

Due Date: Week 4, Monday 9am

Weighting/Value: 20%

Details of Task: From available published cases (check the library databases – linked in Moodle),

select an international business (operating in at least two countries) that has presented an ethical

gap in practice (i.e. has performed unethically). For this business:

● Analyse their internationalisation strategy, motivations and conditions

● Present your ideal ethical-values and vision for international business (not specific to the

selected business)

● Assess the selected business’s ethical practice against the presented ethical-values

● Provide learnings to the audience, and more generally

Present the report to the selected business’s Board of Directors, or an audience of your choice.

Use the Lessons 1 and 2, and their respective learning objectives, to direct the content of the

assignment. An important part of the analysis is the comparison between the demonstrated

practice and the literature. Attempt to demonstrate your nuanced understanding in explanation of

the alignment and differences between what has occurred in practice and the literature.

Word limit: 1,200 . The word limit excludes the preceding pages, tables, the reference list

and appendices.

Presentation requirements: Report format.

As this is a small assignment,  though does not require further preceding

pages (such as an executive summary, table of contents and the like), but it needs a title,

an audience, an author, a general statement evaluating sources (could be included on a separate

inside page), and unit and student ID information.

The main report, between the introduction and conclusion, will respond to the noted information


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