homwork 22

You will write a 3-full-page minimum essay that describes THREE responsibilities of citizens in a democracy. To do this, you will base your work on at least 2 selections of your choosing from a list provided on the course website. You must cite both of your sources in your essay for full credit.

In your conclusion, you must reflect on whether or not you are a good citizen according to these responsibilities. (If you are not from America but are from a different democracy, do this for your own country. If you are not from America and are not from a democracy, explain how these responsibilities might differ from what you would consider the responsibilities of citizens from your country).

(( im from saudi aribia)) i think u need ues the last two file i sent it u

10 Points:

  • Writing quality and following directions: 3 points
  • Discussion of responsibilities and use of sources: 6 points (2 for each responsibility)
  • Conclusion paragraph: 1 point

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