How does the identified external force affect your Business Plan, health & medical homework help

Write a 200-300 words on each discussion questions.

Discussion 4-1: Select one external force (political/government, legal, professional/industry, economic (global, national, and regional), sociocultural, demographic, technology) that could affect your Business Plan assignment due in Topic 8. How does the identified external force affect your Business Plan?

Discussion 4-2: Understanding your customer is important to the success of any organization. A strategy planner needs to know the market. How do you evaluate your market? What are some of the market segments that you could use for your strategic plan?

Discussion 5-1: Using the organization you selected from your Business Plan, consider what corporate portfolio strategy the company uses or what you imagine they use and why? What are the benefits to the selected corporate portfolio strategy compared? What is the role of the corporate center and Strategic Business Unit (SBU)?

Discussion 5-2: Consider the four generic business strategies defined by Michael Porter. How do they compare and contrast with each other? What are the pros and cons of a “hybrid” strategy? How is it achieved?

Discussion 6-1: An organization only has so much capital at its disposal. It must use this capital for day-to-day operations, as well as any other plans it may have for future growth. How does an organization decide how much of its available cash to allocate to operations and how much to allocate to strategic investments?

Discussion 6-2 Discuss three problems that can arise during strategy implementation. How can an organization overcome these problems?

Discussion 7-1: What are the key performance measures or indicators that an organization can use for tracking the achievement and effectiveness of its action plans?

Discussion 7-2: How can an organization establish and deploy modified action plans if circumstances require a shift in plans and rapid execution of new plans?

Discussion 8-1: How can senior management ensure that financial and other resources are available to support the accomplishment of the organization’s action plans, while meeting current obligations?

Discussion 8-2: What actions can senior leadership take to allocate organizational resources to support the accomplishment of the organization’s action plans?

** You can use the same references on the Discussions, however try to have at least three different references.

*** Book used is: Managing Health Care Business Strategy by: George B. Moseley III. You can find the book in google scholar.

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