HRM320 DeVry University Week 5 Employment Related Issues Presentation

Your team will create a a multimedia piece such as a narrative PowerPoint to answer these questions. Please have each student speak to at least one point listed below (all students on a team must present). This is due Sunday evening of Week 5 AND you will need to post this at the BEGINNING of WEEK 6 (on Monday) in the discussion area. Use APA formatting for your assignment and any citations you use.

PowerPoint is my choice and my questions are below.

1.Do you agree that religious hiring is a BFOQ?

2. Johnny Carlton attended the University of Lebanon while his father was stationed in the military in that country. When Kurt Munson reviews Carlton’s application for employment, he asks Carlton why he chose to attend college there. Carlton explains. When Carlton, who is qualified for the position, is subsequently denied, he reasons that Munson’s inquiry was a determining factor. Carlton initiates a Title VII claim for national origin discrimination. Munson asserts that Carlton does not fall under that protected class. Is Carlton covered?

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