In this course, we cover fifteen distinct topics related to human resource management (HRM),
examined in each of the fifteen chapters you are required to read (rewards and challenges of
HRM, strategy, EEO, job analysis and design, recruitment, selection, training and development,
performance management, compensation, pay, benefits, safety and health, employee rights and
discipline, labor relations, and international HRM). I would like you to examine a real world
organization and how it approaches as many of these HRM topics as you can. This can be a
company you work for (or have worked for in the past) or a company in which you can gather
enough information to discuss several (if not all) of these HRM topics. Once you have analyzed
and explained how the company approaches the different HRM issues, discuss why its current
approach is beneficial (i.e., what is the company doing right, why does it work). If the company
is doing a poor job with respect to some of the HRM topics, make recommendations regarding
how the organization could approach the topics/issues differently (i.e., suggest improvements).
You should consult the peer-reviewed journal literature to support your discussion and analysis
of the topics/issues, as well as any recommendations that you make. Please use 12-point Times
New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and double-space your work. There is no page limit for this
assignment. The more thorough you are however (depth of discussion and analysis, amount of
HRM issues you address, etc.), the better your grade will be. Likewise, reference support is very
important and the more references that you use, the better your grade will be. Include a reference
page (or multiple pages) listing all of the references that you used in alphabetical order and in
proper APA format.

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