I enjoyed multiple stories in this film. The first story that stood out for me the most was the…

I enjoyed multiple stories in this film. The first story that stood out for me the most was the mother who had cancer. This story was extremely sad for me because I could not picture my mother in that position. I believe they are communicating through filming because the mother wants to put her story out there. By watching this film the mother seems like she is a strong person who does not mind putting her story out there because she does not want anyone to feel like they are the only ones going through this experience. My reaction was surprised when I saw her marks on her back from the cancer. I did not think she would show that on camera to the world. In her case I believe that verbal communication was the most affective especially when she was talking to her son. The next story that stood out for me was the older couple who wrote their vows for each other. I found that clip humorous. I believe for them communicating verbally is special for them to share what they want for each other. Just from watching their clip I could get an insight of their life just by the way they jokes with each other in their vows.

It is easy to tell that they have a strong marriage and are not afraid to joke around with each other. The next story that made me think was the story of the women from Afghanistan. This story was interesting to me because for Americans it is portrayed that the women in Afghanistan have no freedom and are controlled by the men in their life. Showing the women doing karate was an eye opener because it showed me we do not know everything that is going on in Afghanistan. Just because one part of Afghanistan may be a certain way does not mean it is all like that. Non verbal communication made the most impact because just seeing the women doing something they enjoy meant a lot.

No words can describe that better than seeing the looks on the women’s faces when they are enjoying themselves. Being in different countries sometimes you can’t believe everything you see in politics or see on the news and media. This clip was a perfect example of that. This whole video made an impact on me because it showed me that when I am laying in my bed with all my blankets and pillows there are many people out there my age sleeping on the streets with no food or even shelter. When I am riding the bus to class somewhere around the world a young man or woman is carrying all of their belongings on their back.

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